Learn Chinese from Fortune Cookies :)

Fortune cookie quotes sometimes have Chinese word translation on the back of the message. So here are some Chinese word translations from fortune cookie messages...
These are submitted from our visitors and from fortune cookie messages... so if the translations are incorrect

English Term Chinese Term
Cold Ieng
Hair. Fur. Mao
Doctor Yi-Sheng
Self Zi-Ji
teacher 老师
Penis Penis
Late Wan
Delicious Ke-kou
Pork Zhu-rou
Change Biànhuà
Taste kou-wei
grapefruit you-zi
good day Měihǎo de yītiān
Sonic viou-shimi
2063 026
Love Fee-Ling
Cat- Bagel Māo bǎi jí
fate Mìngyùn
cool Bruce Lee
y mx+b
Okland Raiders Luizeers
Apple Ipad
2+2 4
Denver Broncos Best team ever
love aie
You The best
hi shmmehh
Dillon Wierd
Winner #nolife
beef niurou
war 战争 Zhànzhēng
Patience 忍耐
American Fa-tee
Hill 山 (Shān)
Mango 芒果 (Máng-guǒ)
Africa Nig-ger
German Na-zee
whwsiccx whwsiccx
kamuioag kamuioag
hzrhftwe hzrhftwe
okbcapzh okbcapzh
you're mine 你是我的
poop you
Hey Chang-Chong
salt (yan)
Transparent Tòumíng
Passion Qíng
admission fee, fei
Pumpkin nán-gua
loser 失败者

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