Learn Chinese from Fortune Cookies :)

Fortune cookie quotes sometimes have Chinese word translation on the back of the message. So here are some Chinese word translations from fortune cookie messages...
These are submitted from our visitors and from fortune cookie messages... so if the translations are incorrect

English Term Chinese Term
Hot Asian Loan
PC dian-nao
my love wo de ai
Tomorrow Ming-tian
love ai 爱
sausage fran-futa
Thank you xie-xie
Jellies guo dong
The day before yesterday Qian tian
Finally Zhong Yu
Banana 香蕉
ugly Chǒulu
bowling bao-ling-qui
milk ni ni
Chicken Noodle Soup Chickeen noooodel sooouuup
pooo gun cow wee
love unknown
coin coin
Ice Cream bing qi lin
Help me Bang wo
poop 大便
Teapot Cha-hu
your penis unavailable
LEARN CHINESE-Satisfaction man yi
yay hooray
Patience Nai-xin
lost tea-usha
idiout! engot!
offensive body oder yu-stink-e-pu
Hello Nee how
hello kitty ben -un
hi neehow
summer 夏天
how are you ? nihao ma?
Camping ye-ying
Hope Xīwng
How are you? N ho ma?
Green lu
Family wode-jia
kill kill
Salad Sha-la
learn dont know
The day after tomorrow Hou tian
Camping Ye ying
Celender Ri li
Basketball Lan qui
Bean Sprout Dou ya

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