About Fortune Cookie Message

This started as a database tutorial and after much modifications, this became a website project. The goal is simple. To create a large database loaded with fortune cookie messages for quick reference and searchable fortune cookie quotes. So if you have had chinese lately and want to contribute your cookie message, please send us your fortune cookie message.


Cool Stuff

Fortune Cookie Quotes from fortunecookiemessage.com are published a book, Speed Reading for Dummies. Exercise 6-3 in the book uses several cookie quotes from this site. Of course, our web address is mentioned on that page. Now, that's cool :) This site is officially a reference guide to fortune cookie quotes. Lol, I'm so proud.
Check out the reference in Google Books.

Fotune Cookie Wiki - There is a link from the wikipedia page to this web site. That's cool :)
To wiki community, thanks for viewing this site as resourceful :)


Public Service

I also run a non-profit web site where you can sponsor a child. I'm a database guy, so I built a system to display all SPENDING related to a sponsored child. This is the only way you will know how exactly the money is spent on a sponsored child. It's all about transparency. Please visit: Shapla Foundation.


About Site Author

This site is another web project of Dallas-Fort Worth SEO and Web Designer Evan Islam. Evan works as the Internet Marketing Monkey for Central Station Marketing. Site layout, scripts and design created by Evan. If you have questions, comments, suggestions, please submit your request at my contact form.



I DO NOT sell any fortune cookies or know of any such vendors, so please don't ask me to sell you fortune cookies. This is just another reference or valuable content on the web. This site gets good publicity and credibility and I don't want to ruin it by adding advertisements or links to other sites. So, please don't bother me with link exchange ideas. I only add links to sites that are mine and I trust.

Fortune Cookie Quotes in your email: Your info (email) will not be shared with any third party. I DO NOT like spam myself, so I don't plan on spamming you either. Ummm that's it!