Learn Chinese from Fortune Cookies :)

Fortune cookie quotes sometimes have Chinese word translation on the back of the message. So here are some Chinese word translations from fortune cookie messages...
These are submitted from our visitors and from fortune cookie messages... so if the translations are incorrect

English Term Chinese Term
Stop Hammer time now
To taste cháng-yī-cháng
Expensive gui
delicious kekou
disease bing
my love wo de ai
Father's Day Fu-qin-jie
Smile Sí-ól
non non
Doctor sheng
Laugh Raff
To go out Chu /+/
To taste chang
Apple ping-guo
To Fly Fei
courage Yǒngqì
cute kawaii
Cheese Nigh-lou
Esperanza Felicidad
" wo ai ni " " I love you "
ROYALTY Texu quan
You Zi
loan hot asian
nasty old lady da-naughty-whore
Child da-dumb-shit
mind Jièyì
My wǒ de
Medicine Yao
english chinese
weather tian-qi
Dinner Wan-fan
english englist
money g
Restroom ce`-suo^
Web design Wangye sheji
New Year yuan dan
english emglish
pussy wo bengt
english engilsh
Mop swipywipe
good brilliant
woman ren
Fluffy Froofy
Inside mian
Love 愛 Jianti
Heaven Tian 天
today jintian
Always Smile. 微笑在我心 (Wei Xiao Zai Wo Xin)

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