Learn Chinese from Fortune Cookies :)

Fortune cookie quotes sometimes have Chinese word translation on the back of the message. So here are some Chinese word translations from fortune cookie messages...
These are submitted from our visitors and from fortune cookie messages... so if the translations are incorrect

English Term Chinese Term
life sheng hou
memes arigato
haleigh bitch
annoying fan
Proud Jiao
Fun Kāiwánxiào
bacon bacon
VHS vhs
n/a n/a
Poontang Is good for you
China Zhonguo
good hen
Naruto 火影忍者 Huǒyǐng rěnzhě
Flash 闪 Shǎn
cool 酷 Kù
peace 和平 Hépíng
Friend 朋友 - Péngyǒu
Beef Niu-rou
Meme Mǐ mǔ
Fruit shui-guo
yapan cunning 1bon
excercise socks red socks
Senna Leaf bisacordyl toxic not thearpeau
9 months 9 Gè yuè
Tone Sheng-diao
fart chink
Mom Dad
deez nutz got eeem
loser you thought i was chinese?
Friend Péng yōu
English Engrish
Mike Lame
Fire Huo
thank you shin -shani
love loveiu
Funny Hao xiao
E MC Squared
eggplant qie zi
mental Xīnlǐ
Horse Ma
Hope Hope
You are stupid You are poop
bad stuff behind you
Seaworld Orca Killer
You Hated by parents
Stupid Ben-dan
Eclipse Shit
beef) niu-rou)
three pieces san-pian

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